Hi, my name is Imke. I am a mother of 4 trying to do everything possible I can to give my kids a healthy start in life. Recently in my journey of natural living I came across Ringana. An all natural Austrian skincare and supplement company. Ringanas products are so fresh and so pure; each product is produced approximately once a week and sent directly to the customers doorstep - Ringana is only sold by partners and not seen in any stores, this is a trademark of the companies commitment to delivering only fresh products.

Fresh means turning the highest quality raw materials into products without delay, and without heating anything over 42 degrees Celsius, this procedure is done without the use of any preservatives and ensures all enzymes, vitamins and minerals reach the customers in their original high and readily absorbable quality.

Use this link to my partner page to see the full range: http://www.sofreshsopure.com

Have a look, any questions about product use, where to start, to say hi, or to express interest in becoming a partner, just send me a mail: imke@nimkapure.com

Give it a try and notice the effects inside and out - FRESH really does matter.