Why do you use Rapeseed and coconut oil?

Our rapeseed and coconut blend has a silky smooth finish, a neutral scent, and a long and clean burn. It is sustainable and eco-friendly. Low in environmental impact, our non-GM rapeseed is grown within the European Union on pristine land.

Why are you soy free?

90% of soy is a genetically-modified crop. It is responsible for mass cultivation of pristine areas, including the Amazon and American wetlands. Once an area has been cultivated for soy, the damage is irreversible, with land and its natural wildlife destroyed forever. Soy is often referred to as ‘sustainable’ - but this only means the land that the crop is grown on can be re-used for further crop cultivation. What it fails to mention is the amount of destruction that has been caused to the land before cultivation. For further information on the environmental impact of soy, check out the following link: http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/footprint/agriculture/soy/impacts/

What does clean burn mean?

The candle has no net release of carbon. No toxins or soot are released into the air during burn time. The candles are essentially ‘clean’.

Why is a clean burn important?

Breathing in toxic air is linked to an array of health problems. The air we breath is an important element to overall health and well being. Breathing the air from a paraffin candle is comparable to breathing in second-hand cigarette smoke.

What do you mean by wax pool? 

The wax around the wick which has turned to liquid form.

How do I trim my wood wick candle?

Every time you light your candle, ensure that the wick is trimmed to 5 mm. To trim the wick, pinch off excess burnt wick by using your thumb and index finger after it has cooled. Make sure to remove all debris from your candle. CLICK HERE for more information on care maintenance.

How to use my reed diffuser?

Insert reeds into diffuser glass for two minutes, then flip ends to ensure reeds have fully absorbed liquid. Flip reeds every few days.

My candle has a crack around the wick. Why?

Due to the shape of the wood wick, there is a greater surface area compared to a cotton wick. Small cracks might appear, but once lit this crack disappears.

If your candle is exposed to extreme cold conditions, the wax may contract and cause a a small crack. We double-pour all our candles with great care to ensure the chances of this happening is highly reduced.

How do I become distributor?

If you would like to become a distributor of Nimka Pure, or would like to place a large order for an event or corporate gifts, we are happy to offer competitive prices. Please email us at: hello@nimkapure.com

*For questions on how to maintain your wood wick candle or reed diffuser, please read our product care & instructions